Everything you need to know about factions. 

Faction Start

To get started either create or join a faction:

To create a faction do /f create [Faction name]

Faction Power

Gaining Power

Power regenerates over time as long as the player is online. Power can be gained through:
  • Staying online (Until max player power of 5 is achieved)
  • Buying Faction Power /f Upgrade
  • Inviting Members to your Faction

Losing Power

Power can be lost in various different ways. Some of the ways include:
  • A player leaves your faction
  • A player in your faction dies outside of warzone
  • A player in your faction gets kicked for inactivity (Kicked on the 31st day of not logging in)

The Importance of Power

Power is important because it determines how much land a faction can claim and if it can hold the land. If the faction's power is below the factions land count they can be overclaimed. Power is used to:
  • Claim Land
  • Prevent others from overclaiming your land
  • Provide insurance from losing claims