We are a Minecraft Bedrock Edition multiplayer server hoping to bring the best, and most up to date experience for bedrock players!

Privacy Policy: 

We will under no circumstances release, show, or report any of your personal information on any of our platforms. Your private information will not be looked at unless for necessary requirements such as in the case of an error with rank we might require confirmation of personal information. 

Any form of releasing information on any of our platforms is not tolerated.

We ensure our users and customers the utmost privacy for their personal information.

Note: If you would like to contact us about anything our contact information is listed below, do not hesitate to reach out to any of our team as well to assist you with anything. 


Discord https://discord.gg/X9NGWaj or add Corpze#3915 or add WarLord#7180 

Email 0mega.net.tk@gmail.com 

Twitter https://twitter.com/OfficialOmegaN1